About Us


Won Bronze in the 4th K-Camp of Korea Securities Depository
한국예탁결제원 K-Camp 4기 동상 수상
Signed service supply contract with LINE NEXT
LINE NEXT와 서비스 공급 계약 체결
Received commendation from the Mayor of Daejeon (fostering exports)
대전광역시장 표창 (수출 진흥)
Selected for the Ministry of SMEs and Startups Collabo R&D project (joint research with Chungnam National University)
중기부 Collabo R&D 과제 선정 (충남대 공동연구)
Signed service supply contract with SK Telecom
SK텔레콤과 서비스 공급 계약 체결
Selected for the 4th Google Play Changgu (TOP 10)
구글플레이 창구 4기 선정 (TOP 10)
Launched voice message-based English conversation service 'Lingotalk'
음성메시지 기반 영어회화 서비스 '링고톡' 런칭
Received commendation from the Mayor of Daejeon (promoting content industry)
대전광역시장 표창 (콘텐츠 산업 진흥)
Secured investment from A Ventures and others
에이벤처스 등으로부터 투자 유치
Selected for the 6th IBK Changgong
IBK창공 6기 선정
Selected for the Ministry of SMEs and Startups TIPS R&D project
중기부 TIPS R&D 과제 선정
Secured investment from JB Ventures and others
JB벤처스 등으로부터 투자 유치
Secured investment from Mega Investment and Yoonmin Creative Investment Foundation
메가인베스트먼트, 윤민창의투자재단으로부터 투자 유치
Received commendation from the Mayor of Daejeon (creating local jobs)
대전광역시장 표창 (지역 일자리 창출)
Secured investment from Spring Camp and others
스프링캠프 등으로부터 투자 유치
Selected for the Ministry of SMEs and Startups Industry-University-Research Cooperation Technology Development Project (joint research with KAIST)
중기부 산학연협력기술개발 과제 선정 (KAIST 공동연구)
Launched YouTube-based English listening app 'RedKiwi'
유튜브 기반 영어듣기 앱 '레드키위' 출시
Launched English shadowing app 'Mimiking'
영어 쉐도잉 앱 '미미킹' 출시
Established corporation
법인 설립
Awarded excellence in the KAIST E*5 Student Startup Competition
KAIST E*5 학생창업경진대회 우수상


Maximizing Productivity through Efficiency:
We prioritize short, focused work sessions over longer, less focused ones to maximize productivity.
Respect Others' Time to Focus:
Productivity hinges on the ability to concentrate. We support this by avoiding unsolicited communication and respecting each others' focus time.
Work Autonomously:
We foster an autonomous work environment grounded in trust, with minimal rules. We value individuals who take initiative and manage their own responsibilities.
Horizontal Culture:
Our company culture is flat, with no hierarchical titles. Everyone, from the CEO to interns, is addressed by their first names.
Global-Friendly Environment:
To accommodate our global team members, all internal documents have been written in English since the company's founding. We also design our products with a global mindset, aiming to provide services that cater to a diverse international audience.

Core Values

Grow Together:
Be a coach for your teammate who will be your coach.
Be Constructive and Honest:
Provide constructive feedback and accept it with good intentions.
Be Logical with Data
Whenever possible, let data guide the conversation.
Focus on Impact
Concentrate on the impact of your work.
Be Proactive
Take proactive actions that help the company.