RedKiwi (2018~)

RedKiwi is a language learning app designed specifically for English listening practice. It offers unique features to help learners improve their listening comprehension while making the learning process fun and engaging. With the majority of its users from global markets such as Japan, Taiwan, and the Americas, RedKiwi is widely popular across the globe.

Key Features

English Listening Practice:
RedKiwi provides a rich library of listening materials sourced from authentic English conversations, news broadcasts, shows, and movie dialogues.
Users can take quizzes to test their understanding and improve their listening skills.
Video Curation:
The app offers curated video content with English subtitles and translations to help learners grasp the context and meaning.
Users can click on unfamiliar words for instant translations.
Native Speaker Commentary:
RedKiwi includes native speaker commentary to provide explanations and contextual insight.
This feature gives learners a nuanced and in-depth understanding of phrases.
Gamification Elements:
The app incorporates gamification elements such as challenges and streaks to keep learners motivated.
Progress tracking and personalized word banks encourage consistent practice and improvement.
Personalized Learning Experience:
Learners receive personalized recommendations based on their skill level and goals.
A community feature allows users to share their learning experiences with others.


LingoTalk (2022~2023)

LingoTalk was an English learning app that offered message-based English lessons, with a focus on voice messages to create a relaxed and convenient learning environment. Learners could replay lessons and use automatic translation for comfort. Native English teachers taught multiple students simultaneously to offer affordable pricing. The app is no longer active, as the company has shifted its focus to RedKiwi.